Published in September 1987
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Key words
blood coagulation, fibrin, thrombin, tissucol

The Edlan-Mejchar technique
22. Shallow vestibular fornix with insufficient adhering gum in a diabetic patient.
23. The Edlan-Mejchar operation: the drawing shows the essential stages. After sculpting a mucous flap in the lip area, it is detached and raised up to its marginal insertion. The periosteum (green) is detached and sutured to the thickness of the lip.The flap (light blue) is folded over (red arrow) to cover the bared bone and "glued" there with Tissucol.
24. A flap is sculpted in the lip region (horizontal incision) and two vertical incisions are made. The apical extremities of the vertical incisions are not completed in order to facilitate detachment of the mucous flap. 25. After detaching the flap and raising it to its border of insertion, it is kept under tension coronally with a series of safety stitches and the periosteum is incised coronally and then detached apically after making two vertical incisions.
26. The periosteum has been sutured to the lip. The mucous flap is still raised and the bone is exposed. 27. A thin layer of fibrin glue with thrombin at 500 I.U./ml is deposited on the bone.
28. The mucous flap has been placed on the exposed bone and "glued" with fibrin glue. Safety suturing has also been carried out in the depths of the fornix.
29. The result after six months shows that the fornix has increased and is deeper.