Published in November 2001
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Prosthesis: the different kinds of fixed and removable dentures.Advice and suggestions for patients

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Mixed fixed and removable denture with precision attachments, grooves, drive bars and coulisses

Fig. 10.
Enlargement of the same structures with the arrows coloured to show how they intersect one another. The male attachment A fits (follow the dark blue arrow) into the female attachment A1, the double drive bar B fits (follow the red arrow) into the double groove B1 and the male coulisse C (follow the light blue arrow) fits into the female coulisse C1.
Fig. 11.
The fixed and removable dentures connected on the pattern of the upper arch.
Fig. 12.
The blue circle shows the area where the attachments, the grooves and the coulisses are connected.
Fig. 14.
The two dentures in the mouth.
Fig. 13.
The blue circle shows the critical area where the two dentures join: the dark blue letters indicate the following: A, the connection between the male and female attachments under the teeth, B, the double drive bar that fits into the two grooves below and C, the male coulisse that fits into the female one below it.
Fig. 15.
The upper arch restored both functionally and aesthetically, WITHOUT CLASPS.
Fig. 16.
Appearance and smile.