Published in November 2001
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Prosthesis: the different kinds of fixed and removable dentures.Advice and suggestions for patients

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Mixed fixed and removable denture with precision attachments, grooves, drive bars and coulisses

Fig. 1.The upper incisor group from canine to canine was saved with cores (see Patients' Section) inserted in roots which were saved by means of an osteotomy-osteoplastics operation to "pull them out" of the bone and gum since they were fractured or decayed so deeply that they were destroyed even below the level of the bone crest. (see the section SURGICAL OPERATIONS - Complete oral rehabilitation - Surgery of coronal-radicular fractures and complete oral rehabilitation - Flap repositioned apically with fibrin glue in the treatment of a lingual coronal fracture extending below the bone crest (Ingle's class IV) of dental element 4.7 in this site)
Fig. 2.
A frontal denture from canine to canine is constructed with six fixed gold-platinum-porcelain elements on which are placed, using special stratagems, a prosthesis with a metal skeleton with precision attachments.
Fig. 3.
The denture placed in the mouth. Smile, functionality and appearance are restored.
Fig. 4.
The gold-platinum-porcelain denture in the mouth (see fixed gold-platinum-porcelain dentures in Patients' Section).
Fig. 5.
The female precision attachments are indicated by the dark blue arrows, grooves are indicated by the red arrows and the female coulisse by the light blue arrows.
Fig. 6.
In the removable denture the dark blue arrows point to the male attachments, the red arrows show the drive bars and the "male coulisse" are indicated by the light blue arrows.

Figs. 7, 8, 9.
Enlargement of details of the structures described in Figs 5 and 6.