Published in November 2001
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Fixed Targis titanium denture

Fig. 2
The stumps after preparation.
Fig. 1
Temporary resin denture from the second upper left premolar to the last upper left molar (see the different kinds of temporary fixed dentures)
Fig. 4
The patterns show the titanium coated with Targis, an ultramodern material belonging to the family of the ceromers. It is composed of polymers and optimized with ceramic. Clinically tested. Complies with EC directives.
Fig. 3
Test of the cast of titanium, a very light, biocompatible metal complying with EC directives which is also used in implantology.
Fig. 5
The fixed Targis-titanium three-piece denture seen from different angles.
Fig. 6
The denture positioned in the mouth on the tooth stumps.
Fig. 7
The aesthetic result.