Published in November 2001
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The pivot tooth stump

Fig. 1
Root of the upper right incisor fractured at the level of the gum.
Fig. 2
A pivot tooth stump is made with a special resin called Duralay.
Fig. 4
The core is cemented to the root: the core is inside the previously prepared root canal and reconstitutes the destroyed part of the tooth, which is the stump.
Fig. 3
The resin is cast with solid gold and the gold core is ready.
Simply stated, the Duralay core is placed in a cylinder with a lining of phosphate ligand which, after hardening, is placed in an oven at about 800°C to melt the resin and leave an empty space which is then filled with yellow gold. This is then cleaned and sand-blasted and is ready for cementing.
Fig. 5
The gold-platinum cast (see relative paragraph) is positioned on the core.
The part in porcelain is constructed on the gold-platinum cast. (See relative paragraph).

Fig. 7
With cast gold cores all six of the upper front teeth, from canine to canine, have been saved.

Fig. 8
A fixed gold-platinum-porcelain prosthesis on the cores with a prosthesis having a metal skeleton with precision attachments, milling, drive bars and coulisse (see relative paragraph).
The aesthetic result is evident.