Published in October 1985
Prosthesic restoration of a dental element salvaged with a minor periodontal operation
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1. The x-ray reveals the presence of periapical osteolysis and the tooth with an irrational core.
2. Gingivectomy and gingival plastic surgery are performed to uncover the hard edge of the root. 3. Some days after treatment: the root can be treated.
4. The dam can be positioned for endodontal treatment.
5. The area with periapical osteolysis is in the process of healing (the temporary core is inserted in the canal).
6. Modelling of the Duralay core
7. The Duralay core
8. The gold core 9. The gold core cemented in the canal.
10. The final pattern made with Optosil xantopren: note the correct impression of shoulder and chamfer.
11. Permanent gold-Isosit crown.

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