Published in September 1985
Conservative restoration of a dental element salvaged by means of a periodontal gingival and bone operation
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1. Irrational conservative restoration with relapse of the cavity in 1.6.


2. Periapical osteolysis caused by endodontal necrosis.
3. Palatal gingivectomy. 4. Mesial palatal gingival plastic surgery.
5. The vestibular and palatal mucoperiosteal flap (on the palatal side the flap has been raised to the level of the tissues on which the gingivectomy was performed in order to gain access to the palatal bone as well).
6. Osteotomy and osteoplastics of tissues distant from the root with rotating instruments.
7. Osteotomy and osteoplastics of tissues near the root with hand instruments
8. After bone remodelling.