Published in November 2001
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Fixed gold-platinum-porcelain denture

Fig. 1
The gold-platinum-porcelain denture seen from the chewing occlusal surface, the well-known "circular denture" since all teeth are covered: the porcelain entirely covering the gold-platinum cast can be seen.
Fig. 2
The same seen from the inside: the gold-platinum underneath is visible.
Fig. 3
Lower right gold-platinum-porcelain denture with the crown (capsule) covering the final molar, which is a gold-platinum cast only, without porcelain.
Fig. 4
A gold-platinum-porcelain capsule cut to show the close contact and fusion between the gold-platinum below and the porcelain covering it.
Fig. 5
In the upper arch there are only four teeth, the two central ones and the canines.
Fig. 6
The finished gold-platinum-porcelain work with reconstruction of the entire arch. Note that the space between the central incisor and the canine on both sides was too large for one lateral incisor and too small for two. The problem was solved by prosthesically transforming the two canines into two premolars and filling the empty space with a lateral incisor and a false canine on each side.
Fig. 7
Considering the difficulty involved, the aesthetic effect is excellent.