Published in July 1986
Surgical treatment of gingival recession
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2. The bed has been prepared;
1. Gingival recession at 4.3: a horizontal incision is made to prepare the receiving bed;
3. The sutured free gingival graft; 4. the graft covers the recession and increases the band of gum adhering around the canine.
Periodontal surgical methods

Coronal repositioning of the flap

5. Flap with coronal repositioning and free gingival graft: an incision is made along the line of the mucogingival junction;
6. After freeing the tissue between the incision and the free edge, the flap is sutured with a suspended stitch in a more coronal position;
7. A free gingival graft (red in the drawing) is sutured. 8. Gingival recession at 2.3 with a band of adhering gum.
9. Upper left: the tissue between the free edge and the incision along the mucogingival line is freed. 10. Upper right: the flap is sutured coronally: thus a lozenge of tissue that will receive the free graft is uncovered.
11. Centre left: taking of the free graft. 12. Above: graft sutured apically to the coronally repositioned flap.
13. To the side: the recession has been covered and the adhering band of gum around it has increased.