Published in May 1988
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Advanced 2nd degree and passing 3rd degree lesions

Fig. 7. X-ray of 4.6, which shows severe periodontal damage.
Fig. 8. A passing 3rd degree lesion is probed.
Fig. 9. After sculpting a mucoperiosteal flap, the roots are separated.
Fig. 10. The bony crest around the roots is lowered.
Fig. 11. The interradicular furrows are created with a file.
Fig. 12. An X-ray is taken to ensure that all protrusions have been eliminated.
Fig. 13. The roots can now be worked on.
Fig. 14. The dam can be positioned and the endodontal treatment can proceed.
Fig. 15. Prosthesically, the roots are restored with two cast gold cores.
Fig. 16. Then the treatment of the mesial bone defect at 4.6 begins with a graft of Interpore 200.
Fig. 17. Positioning of shaped Interpore 200.
Fig. 18. X-ray of the bone defect following reconstruction after the graft.
Fig. 19. Definitive gold-platinum-porcelain prosthesis.