Published in November 1986
Bone graft using an amniotic membrane in bone surgery
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1. Bone defect (shown in black) mesial to 4.7 2. Interpore 200 graft (blue) in position
3. A thin layer of Tissucol is applied 4. The amniotic membrane is positioned
5. Appearance of the amniotic membrane positioned on the bone graft. 6. Cross section, from bottom to top: bone graft (blue), Tissucol layer (yellow), amniotic membrane (light blue) mucogingival flap (purple). The amniotic membrane, glued to the radicular surface and the implant, should inhibit apical migration of the epithelial attachment.
7. 10 mm periodontal pocket, mesial to 4.7 8. Bone defect following careful curettage and scaling