Published in June 1986
Free gingival autograft with connective tissue and protection of donor zone with a mucous flap
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insufficient adhering gum zone in 3.4


1. Horizontal incision to detach mucous flap 2. The receiving bed is prepared, the periosteum is bared and a stitch is used to stabilize the flap on the periosteum
3. Preparation of the mucous flap on an edentate col
4. This is how the flap appears once raised 5. Preparation of the connective graft
6. The connective tissue is separated from tissues above and below 7. The partial-thickness flap is sutured again


8. Preparation of connective tissue for the graft
9-10. Positioning and immobilization of graft on receiving bed
11. The graft after sixty days: blending is quite good



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