Published in October 2001

However, the clinical case dates back to 1989
Complete oral periodontal, implantological and prosthesic rehabilitation, with control after twelve years.
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Periodontal surgery

Figs 1, 2.
The patterns of the dental arches before treatment. In fig. 1 we also see the temporary resin prosthesis.
Figs 3, 4.
Periodontal prosthesis in palladium alloy and resin (Veener), upper and lower.
Figs 5, 6
Bone defects of the upper front arch and a serious periodontal pocket with different degrees of contact with the dental root in 2.1.
Fig. 7. Reconstruction of the bone defect with absorbable artificial bone.
Fig. 8.
Suture of the upper arch.
Figs 9, 10.
Vast bone craters mesial to the two lower canines, treated with a graft of absorbable artificial bone.
Fig. 11.
Suture of the lower arch.