Published in November 2001
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Mixed fixed and removable denture on implants
Fig. 1.
The two titanium implants have been inserted, flaps have been sutured and protective caps have been positioned.
Fig. 2.
Cores are positioned on the three implants.
Fig. 3.
A mixed fixed gold-platinum-porcelain denture is constructed (see Patients' Section - gold-platinum-porcelain) as well as a very special denture with precision attachments (see Patients' Section - attachments, grooves, braces and coulisses).
Fig. 4.
Enlargement of female attachments on the fixed denture, into which the male attachments on the removable denture fit. Note the shock-absorbing hinge connected to the attachment.
Fig. 5.
The hinge movement on the sagittal plane of the two back cols of the denture can be seen clearly.
Fig. 6.
This movement, together with the shock-absorbing hinge, allows substitution of the missing back teeth with a denture having attachments on the implants. Otherwise this would be impossible.
Fig. 7.
Appearance and functionality have been restored.
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