Published in November 2001
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Prosthesis: the different kinds of fixed and removable dentures.Advice and suggestions for patients

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Prosthesis having a metal skeleton and hooks
Fig. 1.
Prosthesis with metal skeleton with attachments made of an alloy of cobalt (60.6%), chrome (31.5%), molybdenum (6.0%), silicon (0.8%) and carbon (0.4%).
Fig. 2.
Another skeletoned denture with attachments containing only cobalt (63.3%), chrome (30.0%) and molybdenum (5.0%).
Fig. 3.
Patterns seen from the right with an upper skeletoned denture with an "aesthetic" attachment and lower denture with a non-aesthetic attachment.
Fig. 6.
The very special structure of the upper skeletoned denture to make it possible to construct the "aesthetic" (almost invisible) attachments.
Figs 4, 5.
Enlargement showing such attachments.
Fig. 7.
The structures of the lower and upper dentures respectively.
Fig. 8.
The two dentures in the mouth seen from the right side.
Fig. 9.
The appearance, which can be defined as excellent, of the upper skeletoned denture with the almost invisible hook. The lower denture is hidden by the lower lip, which covers it well.