Published in October 1998

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Key words:
Fibroma, free gingival graft, deepening of fornix

Fig. 1
Fibroma in the region of 1.4 - 1.1.
Fig. 2
The fibroma is choked and the lower edge is incised deeply.
The same is done on the upper side.
The fibroma has been removed and the receiving bed is prepared for the free gingival graft.
The pattern is taken for the graft.
Fig. 6
The piece is taken from the palatal mucosa.
Fig. 7
The graft is sutured on the receiving bed. Note the cross stitch which solidly anchors the graft to the gum and the periosteum apically.
Fig. 8
Bioptic samples are taken and sent to the laboratory; the histological diagnosis confirms that it is a fibroma.

Fig. 9
After three months healing is advanced. The fornix has been deepened and adhering gum has increased. The permanent prosthesis can now be designed.



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