Specialist Dental Clinic Cagliari in
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Dr. Gustavo Petti and Dr. Claudia Petti practice in particular, one, the periodontology, the other the Pedodontics (Child Dentistry) and the Orthodontics for adults and children, as well as, naturally, all the normal branches of Dentistry, such as, conservative, endodontics, oral hygiene, prosthetics, gnathology, implantology, oral surgery, endodontic surgery, preprosthetic surgery.
Dr. Gustavo Petti, deals with all pathologies and surgical therapies related to periodontology, from "Piorrea" to gingival recessions, from bone surgery to bone grafts and to stimulation of deep periodontium with membranes or other surgical techniques, from gingival grafts to the surgical excision of periodontal and stomatognathic tumors.

Dr. Claudia Petti takes care of the pedodontics, that is the oral health of the children, at all levels, also endopedodontics and whatever the stage in which the objectives for which the deciduous teeth are treated, also very compromised are:

  1. eliminate pain
  2. restore a correct masticatory function
  3. keep the tooth until the regular eruption of the permanent correspondent
  4. to prevent and treat spoiled habits
  5. restore aesthetics
  6. apply the space maintainer, in case you get to the dental extraction.

Of Orthodontics, Dr. Petti takes care of the child at the level of

A) Preventive Orthodontics, to prevent dental misalignments.
B) Interceptive Orthodontics, to intercept early teeth and growth deviations of the maxilla and mandible. In adult Orthodontics, but also in adolescents, particular care is dedicated to the aesthetics of treatment.